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06.16.2020 | Ken Kamara

#BLM Black Lives Matter


#BLM Black Lives Matter


I have questions:

How can we choose not to see?

How can we choose to avoid?


There is a sufferance that is inflicted and that is continuing to be inflicted, that people still choose to ignore.


As a British born person with West African descent, I understand very well the pain of discrimination and the fear of not progressing through society, which has kept me quite for way too long.

Over time I came to terms with injustice and accepted it, as accepting abuse because of the colour of my skin was just the way things were and are. It is part of the norm.


That does not make it right.


As a black man, as an artist, as a human, I refuse to turn a blind eye to the virus of racism, and to how deeply it has harmed our society.


Through the lens I chose to find a way to try and help people see. To try and help people empathise. To try and help people connect with the humanity of not just people of colour, rather of all those who wish to speak truthfully about the costs of racism.


There are people out there who understand, and there are people who don’t understand but decide to stand and support the cause. We know that there is no equality, and without equality there is no such thing as a just, healthy society.


This series of portraits encompasses people belonging to different generations, genders, religions, ethnicities and walks of life. Every one of them belongs to the same race: the human.


Each portrait reflects in different ways what stands at the core of the Black Lives Matter Movement: the struggle of many of us to bring people together, against the centrifugal force of racism which is designed to tear people apart.


The struggle of those who choose to be honest about the situation and with themselves, and to undertake the uncomfortable path of demonstrating, rather than cocooning in the safety of their bubble, leaving the burden of the fight to others.


Word & Photo by Ken Kamara

Captured at the Silent Demonstration at Alexanderplatz on the 06.06.2020