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07.11.2018 | Sabine Berlipp


As part of the Paris Fashion Week Sabine Berlipp spontaneously produced an editorial for the B2B Magazine J’NC. Inspired by the current influences of the 90s, the H / W collections 2018 created a trend story aimed at Summer 2019. Sabine’s ideas were realized by the talented Parisian photographer Stephane Mounet. Already recorded as a team, Walter Denechere took over grooming and make-up. The two male models came from the Parisian agency Bananas. Actually planned as a men’s section, Sabine addressed the wonderful Russian model with blond short haircut on the evening before the shoot at a fashion event. Alina, who was on shows in Paris, agreed.

Styling took place with the brands of the Dachshowroom and Berlin Showrooms. Assistant Sebastien Hernandez actively supported Sabine. The looks were all about new color combinations, 90ies inspirations and a mix in which it does not matter, whether it’s male or female collections. From the brands Sabine u.a.

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