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10.22.2018 | Blossom Management

UPdate 2018 ° Beauty Lunchbox tremendous success!

What a successcful day! The fair is over and we don’t have to lament about less interest from the visitors ! We made new contacts, met old and new friends and clients. Yet again we had a great give away for all visitors.

We would like to convey warm thanks to our sponsors; Chiara Ambra, Frau Ultrafrisch, L.O.V Cosmetics, Ogaenics and YOPE.

Our little beauty lunchbox has something to offer for everyone, spiced up with products based on natural ingredients, as some tasty vegetarian snacks.

The smoothie snacks from Frau Ultrafrisch are tasty and delicious as fresh fruit, containing a lot of vitamin C. With a good conscience, the ideal pick-me-up for in between meals.

“Mrs. One A Day” by Ogaenics is a 100% natural vitamin for women, combining the most important vitamins and minerals.  It promotes health and strengthens nerves, imparts a beauty boost for skin, hair and nails.

The hydrogel firming eye mask with gold shimmer effect by Chiara Ambra is the perfect moisturizer! Íts unique composition’s based on hyaluron, grape seed extract, red algae, soja bean extract, urea and allantoin.

The “LOVglow Bronzing Drops” from L.O.V. cosmetics sets sun-kissed highlights to every skin with a natural glow. Easy to apply, it’s the perfect accessory for every handbag.

The liquid soaps from YOPE contain solely the most gentle cleaning agents, it takes care for your skin and prevents it from drying out! Most important – all natural and vegan!