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Set-Design Styling | Jasmin Daouiji

Outdoor fun in Cape Town

Photographer Saskia Wegner captured some outdoor fun in Cape Town, styling by Jasmin Daouiji.

Styling | Daniel Goletz

Rooks & Rocks Lookbook

German brand Rooks & Rocks unveils its spring-summer 2018 collection with a new lookbook. The label enlists actor David Schütter (Player …

Styling | Britt Dannert

Barcelona Beauty

Photographer Anne Moldenhauer shot a beautiful beach story with fashion stylist Britt Dannert in Barcelona .  

Styling | Jasmin Daouiji


Capetown fun with lifestyle photographer Ender Suenni and stylist Jasmin Daouiji.  

Styling | Jasmin Daouiji

Personal Work in Cape Town

Fashion Stylist Jasmin Daouiji made new fashion editorial in Cape Town with Photographer Ender Suenni

Styling | Stephanie Wüstemann

Dr Oetker

Director Marcus Lundin and Stylist Stephanie Wüstemann for Dr Oetker Switzerland TVC    

Styling | Stephanie Wüstemann


Stylist Stephanie Wüstemann for the new TOOM TVC, Director Sonja Heiss    

Styling | Petra Vogel

Kinda Magazine

The kids shoot for Kinda Magazine, photographed by Alexandra Klever.

Hair & Make-up Photo Styling | Team Player Vol. 4

casual tuelle feat. Danny Reinke

Sean Cook (Photo), Marcel Graul (Styling) and Timo Pfaff (Hair & Make-up).

Hair & Make-up Styling | Team Player Vol. 4


To focus on the here and now means to enjoy the moment with all its beauty. Catrin Kreyss (Hair & Make-up), Remus Opris (Styling) and Ma …